City Creek Road to base of Rock Knoll

  • On the benches and mountains surrounding Pocatello and the Portneuf Valley are thousands of acres of Public Land. The Portneuf River runs through Pocatello, with beautiful stretches for floating above and below the City.
  • Access is gated to motorized vehicles, generally between November 15 and May 15. Please confirm dates before traveling by contacting the BLM offices at 208-236-7500.
  • The lower portions of this road have hiker, biker, ATV, horse and vehicle traffic. Please respect your fellow adventurers.

Portions of this road may be steep, rutted, washed out and can challenge even competent off-road vehicles in ideal conditions. Weather and/or vehicle limitations may deem this road unfit to travel. It is up to the driver to know & understand their limits, and use these roads responsibly and safely. Negligent use of these trails causing damage to the trail or surrounding land may result in legal penalties and/or fines. Please plan your trip carefully and observe all signs and fire precautions.

  • Distance 7 miles
  • Aprx Time 48 min
  • @ Speed 9 mph
  • Min altitude 4813 ft
  • Peak 7087 ft
  • Climb 2671 ft
  • Descent 627 ft

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  • Distance Instructions
Mouse over the route’s line (above) to see elevations & distance from starting point below.

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