Chinese Peak - Barton Road

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    This dirt road leads to one of Pocatello's best scenic overlook areas, with the ability to see over the South Valley area of town & the Portneuf Gap on one side and an expansive view of the Caribou National Forest and Pebble Creek Ski Area to the South East.
    Closed to public motorized vehicles seasonally. This route starts from the gate and winds uphill, with several areas being pretty steep and covered with gravel or shale that can cause loss of traction. High clearance, 4-wheel or all-wheel drive is highly recommended.

    *There are radio towers and other privately owned buildings and land along this route. Please respect all signs and privacy.

    • Distance 3 miles
    • Aprx Time 12 min
    • @ Speed 14 mph
    • Min altitude 5072 ft
    • Peak 6778 ft
    • Climb 1706 ft
    • Descent 0 ft

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    • Distance Instructions
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