City Creek - Over The Top Loop



The main City Creek Trail gains almost 1,000 feet in elevation from the Grant Street Parking Lot to the last connection with City Creek Road. While the difficulty level of this trail system is graded with the “average” hiker or rider in mind, beginners should use caution on most Pocatello area trails, because even the “easy” trails require some skill and fitness. Additionally, several fantastic trail "Loops" can be found stemming off of the main trail along City Creek such as the famous “prison loop” which is a combination of the Bench, Prison, Bump, Serengeti, Sullivans, and Mushroom Trails!

  • Distance 9 miles
  • Aprx Time 1 h 33 min
  • @ Speed 6 mph
  • Min altitude 4511 ft
  • Peak 6096 ft
  • Climb 1788 ft
  • Descent 1804 ft

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  • Distance Instructions
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